We are parents just like you who struggled trying to decide which sports our kids should play, how often they should play, for whom they should play, and what type of sports training and coaching styles would positively, or perhaps negatively, impact their development. We know and understand that finding training for young athletes is not difficult, the issue is finding the best and most beneficial sports training for the student-athlete.  Equilibrium UP and associates  focus is to train and educate the athlete, parents/guardian and coaches.  E-UP has developed a blueprint for the student athlete and his/her family designed to meet the needs and requirements for today's student athlete. Our associates are well-versed and knowledgeable with over 150 years of combined experience. Student-athletes' success relies upon a support system established early on during their athletic careers. Whether their support system consists of two or twenty-two coaches, teachers, family members, friends, etc., no one has ever achieved success alone.

  We are proud to partner with various high schools, middle schools, associations and organizations, providing an extended support system that enhances the probability for students, including student athletes to reach their full potential. In addition to skill development training, we provide education and training in areas rarely offered to student-athletes, their families and other entities committed and vested in student athletes.  We know through research and experience that this additional training better enables student-athletes to reach their full potential or Ultimate Performance. Techniques and training utilized by Equilibrium UP and associates have a proven history of success and is based upon analytics and Evidence Based Practices.  We are confident in the techniques and training offered yet we continue to analyze and progressively modify our product based upon new age analytics and research.

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At E-UP we believe that success is a "Family Affair"... Join the family

E-UP was created to provide an honest and transparent advocate to assist parents in the development and nurturing of their student athletes.


We truly care about the student-athlete and his or her family and we are faithful in our service to you.


We have a heart for service and strive to provide a needed service to parents, student athletes, coaches and all involved.


E-UP and associates provide practical and proven techniques and strategies that transition outside of the sports arena.

We are committed to real results based upon analytics and Evidence Based Practices.


We are credible, experienced field experts and practitioners with numerous years of proven successes.


We look to improve our programs and resources through analytics, research and experience rather than guess work.


We connect people and resources enhancing the probability for success.


We passionately believe that it takes a team to assist student/athletes with developing their full potential and we are committed to providing the appropriate services.


While winning is important, we believe that to truly win in any arena, the student/athlete must develop skills enabling them to balance academics, athletics and family.


We are dedicated to the process being about those we serve. We are committed to taking the journey with you. Hear from those who really matter.
E-UP is not only improving my son's abilities as an athlete, it is also developing him as a young man...Coach Fisher-Davis teaches the kids to "strive for perfection but gain excellence along the way.'"As a parent, I see my son trying to apply that motto to every aspect of his life. E-UP provides a support system to the kids that builds confidence, discipline, and motivation with humility. They are bulding young men and women of character!!!

-Lamont Houston

Thank you for helping me on my new journey through coaching!!

Coach LT Thomas
I have coached for over a decade and was not certain what to expect prior to attending the Coaches Program offered by Equilibrium UP. The information provided is thought provoking and will help new as well as experienced coaches.

Coach H. Haygood

Thanks for providing the training and
teaching session. Having coached youth basketball for over 30 plus years at this point, a number of topics really hit home for me. This is the first time I have participated in a program that outlined the different types of coaching style, traits and parent types in such a straight manner.

                                  Frank Bates

I really enjoyed the information provided during the Coach's Program. It was well worth my attending and look forward to the next session. It will help me as a new coach.

Igor Strugor

I was inspired by the strategies and insight you guys provided. It provided me with a clearer perspective on various facets/challenges to coaching. I greatly appreciated your sentiments on humility. When you think about the impact a coach can have on each player... It is truly a humble priviledge requiring the utmost responsibility and commitment. I look forward to seeing you in October.

George Vince

"I like how the instructor knew what he was talking about. He also delivered facts in an organzied way."​​

-LDCA student fb

"I really enoyed this and I thought it taught me valuable lessons on being a leader, as well as life in general. I hope to use these tips in the future."

-LDCA student 

"I learned alot​. I learned that different times need different leaders."​

LDCA student 

"The information I learned was helpful especially for being a sports team captain. I look forward to taking this to my team to help there. The information was interesting to learn."​​

​-LDCA student

"I really enjoyed it, I had my doubts at first but I'm glad I signed up!"
LDCA student

"I enjoyed attending this because it made me become a better person and a better leader."

LDCA student

"This class was very helpful for skills that you can take in the future, and right now."

LDCA student